E.I.S. Electronics: Reliability in Detail

Wire bundling assembly for the Aerospace and Defence industries is still manual labour. However, IT-support and some machines are irreplaceable. We offer third parties the services of the test automats, laser lines printing, tensile testing machines and the micro section laboratory.

Electric Testing Procedures

Our qualified staff of 250 members use only calibrated test systems. Among them are automatic wire testing machines from WEETECH and Adaptronic.

Laser Lines Printing

For aviation wire printing, E.I.S. Electronics uses Capri 50-300 laser printing machines. A thermo printer is used for grommet and shrink tubes printing.

Tensile Specimens and Tests

All crimp tools are subject to cyclical inspection or calibration. The crimping quality is, depending on customers’ requirements, proven in-house with tensile specimens and micro section laboratory pictures.

Micro Section Laboratory

E.I.S. Electronics’ in-house micro section laboratory tests crimp connections according to QVA-Z09-01-00 or aeronautics specific qualification.

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