E.I.S. Electronics — Our Services at a Glance

Wire manufacturing is our core business. In order to meet the supply chain’s increasingly complex requirements, we offer a range of complementary services.

Lease Manpower

Work packages, especially in prototype development or at load peaks are difficult to specify. As we are licensed to lease manpower, we are able to temporarily supply our customers with highly qualified experts to relieve work peaks.


Due to the long service life of military systems, spare parts are often no longer available (obsolescence problematic). E.I.S. Electronics offers wire repair or reproduction based on documents and within the possibilities of VG95211 and 95212.


Audits are a regular routine in all our facilities. We offer our customers the internal processes and supplier auditing required by the quality management system.

Wire Related Support Services

We also offer our Clients wire relevant support services that we internally use. Among these are laser printed electrical lines, electric tests, tensile tests and our micro section laboratory.

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