All is in Flux –The Waste Water System

The Waste Water System consists of up to six components with airworthiness approval that are described in the following (see Capability List): 

Greywater Chamber Controller

E.I.S. Electronics’ Greywater Chamber Controller is the Waste Water System’s main control component that can be programmed to match customer specific requirements.

Flush Valve

The Flush Valve was developed for use in airplane cabins and fulfils RTCA DO-160D.

Sink Chamber

The Sink Chamber (SC) is an intermediary reservoir for Greywater. It was developed for use in airplane lavatories and galleys. It fulfils RTCA DO-160D.


The IR-Sensor was developed for use in lavatory areas but is used in a broad variety of applications and locations where it switches electrical circuits depending on the infrared signal in the area covered.

Shower Transfer Unit

The Shower Transfer Unit is an intermediate reservoir draining shower water. We offer it with a drain cover plated with 18ct gold.

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