StarLight — It Was Never Easier to Reach the Stars

With the ultra-flat LED projectors and optical fibres laid on the panel rear side, we can produce impressive light sceneries in even the most difficult installation situations.


The StarLightUnit is a LED projector for 3 fibre bundles with up to 100 optical fibres of 0.5 mm diameter offering a variety of light intensities and twinkle effects.


The StarLightPanel is a kit especially developed to enhance existing panels with StarLight. The largest domes installed in airplanes have a surface of approx. 7m². They show the Milky Way with over 700 stars.


For the StarLightCarpet we integrate optical fibres into high quality carpets. The light spots can be arranged in form of logos, in undulating light effects or as symbols. Ultimate luxury that elates even the highest demands!

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