Wire Harnesses: Design, Manufacturing and Integration

The complexity of Wiring systems are often underestimated in the Aerospace & Defence Industries. As a result they are late in design and prototype production. Time pressure at ramp-up and timing pressure for customisation usually is high.

We at E.I.S. Electronics are acclimatised and attuned having adjusted our processes to deal with such sudden exigencies. That is why our customers rely on us.


In order to secure an optimal result, E.I.S. Electronics reviews the specification and provides alternate solutions if applicable. Depending on quantity, lead-time and complexity, production can be done out of either Bremerhaven, Bremen or Kanpur facilities or multiple locations, as the need be.


Key for the success of Design-to-Build orders is the seamless dialog with the customer’s designers. We offer on-site prototyping, routing design in digital mock-ups in CATVIA V5 or even act as strategic Risk Share Partner for major programs.

On-Site Support

Skilled E.I.S. Electronics personnel regularly work at the customer’s facility/site for prototyping tasks, Fit Checks and StarLight integration into the panels. The Pioneer Project Team is qualified for wire integration into airplanes in the FAL or at completion centres.

Test Wiring

Adaptor cables are needed as interface between automated test systems and the wire harnesses. In addition to producing these adaptor cables for our projects we offer to produce test cable bundles for customers based on Build-to-Print specifications.

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