A Good Experience!

E.I.S. Electronics has proven to be a competent and responsible first tier and second tier supplier to the Aerospace & Defence Industries. Keen attention to detail, dependability and an extensive expertise makes us second to none.

Our Method: Constructive.

  • We support our customers in all relevant links of the supply chain with know-how that ensures perfect teamwork. We help our customers achieve their targets!

Our Cost Structure: Lean.

  • Our customers do not pay for frills or luxury. We have an efficient and effective organisation and an eye on possible cost-cutting options.

Our Production: Smart.

  • Excellent quality is the result of production conditions, competency and motivation. Delivering to Specifications is a duty. Juggling the everchanging timings and quantities is an art. We at E.I.S. Electronics master duty and freestyle tasks.

Our Culture: Respectful.

  • We care for our staff. We are respectful to one another and offer development opportunities. Securing the jobs at all of our facilities is close to our hearts.

Our Responsibility: Sustainable.

  • Of course we avow ourselves to the principles of the United Nations Global Compact and also expect this from our suppliers and business partners. Learn more: EIS Code of Conduct
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