E.I.S. Electronics has roots in the military segment. It is here that we developed into specialists for the repair of complex weapons systems i.e. for the ROLAND and PATRIOT systems.

The serial production of the KZO system for Rheinmetall Defence GmbH followed. E.I.S. Electronics acted as general contractor, responsible for the production of the ground control station, a containerised control centre with three workstations, the maintenance vehicle, a containerised workshop, as well as for some subsystems. This project took three years to finalise, with a total contract volume of several millions.

Based on a build-to-print order from Airbus Helicopters Deutschland GmbH, we delivered the entire Wiring for the upgrades of all Bundeswehr heavy transport helicopters CH-53 in several versions.

E.I.S. Electronics is now preparing for potential subcontractor roles for projected procurements by the Bundeswehr: the heavy transport helicopter, the Tornado successor model and diverse land systems.

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